Quality you can trust in all languages

You can depend on us! Your company has taken years, decades to build its brand, its reputation, the quality of its products, the way it communicates with the outside world. We know it.We are paranoid about delivering quality. Just like you. Every employee at iLanguage strives to deliver your project flawlessly and make it a success. Don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say, in their testimonials .

Dedicated Project Managers

work with in house Team Supervisors to manage the daily workflow and implement total quality management (TQM) procedures.

Quality Teams, QA Process

Language Teams are made up of professional native translators with the best profile in the industry covering all language flavors (i.e. British and American English, Peninsular and Latin American Spanish, Canadian and European French, European and Brazilian Portuguese).

Internal, in house teams of translators are matched with expert independent translators from our network of 500 language specialists, making sure that translators are not only proficient in the target language, but are also abreast of developments in their domains of expertise.

The team approach ensures that each project is delivered to the client with the highest level of quality. Team Supervisors manage the daily workflow and implement total quality management (TQM) procedures.

Teams are trained regularly by web designers and engineers on new technology tools to increase proficiency and skill sets. This commitment to excellence results in successful iLanguage customer relationships.

All projects go through a multi-step quality review and QA process.

  1. Translation: internal translators work in teams under a Team Supervisor, sharing glossaries and translation memories.
  2. Proof-reading: all materials are proof-read by a senior translator in each target language, hand picked for their linguistic expertise and experience in the subject area and target audience.
  3. Validation: files are double-checked by a senior localization expert and a web developer or DTP expert to guarantee full integrity of the work.
  4. The Project Manager makes a final check to verify that the project is ready for delivery.
  5. Compliance testing and Visual QA is required for software and website localization.