Language is committed to excellence and quality in its work.

We guarantee:

- Quick response to your request for quote.

- Completion of your translation project within the agreed-upon time.

- The quality level you require.

Terms of Service

iLanguage’s Responsibilities:

iLanguage will not be held responsible for the content of the document translated. The views, opinions and content are the unique and sole responsibility of its creator and do not reflect in any form or way the policies or philosophy of iLanguage. iLanguage reserves the right to refuse translation of documents or content not deemed appropriate, including but not limited to subject matter promoting hatred, violence or immorality.

Delivery services:

iLanguage will deliver the files in the agreed-upon time frame. However, we will not be held responsible for failure to deliver the product on time if the client’s server or Internet provider is down or out of order. If we are notified in time, we will use any possible means, i.e. fax, courier, or dial up, FTP to deliver your translation.

Contract Liability:

iLanguage’s liability will not exceed the amount of the translation produced during one month prior to written notification by customer

Client’s Responsibilities:

The client is responsible for providing documents that are clear and legible in both format and content.

The client is responsible for notifying iLanguage immediately of any changes that may occur during the translation process, which affect, in any form, the content or format of the final product or document to be delivered.

Any changes will be subject to price adjustment upon agreement by both parties.

If possible, the client will provide the document to be translated in digital form to facilitate the translator’s work. If the project requested is rich media/voiceover, the customer is responsible for providing source files (music, sound effects) for the clips. If the customer cannot provide these source files, a surcharge must be agreed upon for iLanguage to generate them; otherwise, only a voiceover recording will be performed.


Named Accounts: Corporate customers with approved credit can set up a Corporate Account that will be invoiced on a monthly basis.


Before the translation takes place, new clients are required to fax the signed Purchase Order and Service Agreement submitted by your iLanguage Account Executive. Payments for any due accounts should be submitted within no more than 10 days.

Clients in the U.S. will be charged in U.S. dollars according to the current exchange rate of the quoted price at the time of approval.

Clients in Europe can be charged in Euros to our BBL Bank Account in Brussels or by Wire Transfer to the USA

Clients in the rest of the world, down payment, or orders of less than $1000: Credit card payment mode prevails.

iLanguage also accepts orders using certified check, money order or other arrangements agreed upon by both parties.