Technical Capability

At iLanguage in-house translators collaborate with software programmers to ensure the success of every project.

Case Studies

Recent localization projects: Webex resource files, MarCom Online Auction Software Video Editing Software iPaq application GUI CAD/engineering knowlegdebase eLearning application Scheduling software user guides, online help, technical specifications

iLanguage combines efficient management with centralized operations to ensure the success of every project. Our localization engineers have expertise in a variety of OS -Windows, NT, Unix, Linux- programming and application environments such as C++, Java, .php, .asp, .jsp, .net, flash. In-house translators collaborate with programmers to ensure the relevance of functions, options, key strokes and menus. iLanguage is one of only a few companies that leverage in-house expertise in both Asian and European languages.

Application customization of

  • Project planning and management
  • Terminology database and glossary development
  • Adaptation of resources, graphics and dialog boxes
  • Translation/Localization of documentation and online help
  • Compilation of help files
  • Multilingual desktop publishing
  • Quality assurance and testing


  • Increased efficiency and local relevance
  • Quality time to market of your goods and services
  • On-time release of your finished multilingual versions