iLanguage worldwide

With offices in Latin America/Caribbean, Santa Monica (CA) and Manila, Philippinese, and over a thousand accredited freelance specialists around the world, iLanguage meets customer expectations, regardless of the time zone.

Highly Trained

iLanguage's greatest asset: a highly trained core of in-house translators.

iLanguage Methodology

iLanguage manages each project within a seamless, fully automated workflow system. At the heart of the methodology is iLanguage’s greatest asset: a highly trained core of in-house translators. Unlike other translation companies, iLanguage hires only the most experienced translators and journalistic editors, training them in the iLanguage methodology to meet today’s business expectations.

  • Each project is assigned to a project manager (PM) who, in collaboration with the client, outlines the project specifications. The PM reviews the project with the Production Manager who in turn manages the appropriate language teams responsible for its completion. The team supervisors, in turn, assign the project to the most qualified translator, based on the content, the client’s schedule and particular client requirements.
  • Each completed project undergoes an internal audit to ensure compliance with client textual and technical instructions: semantic content and file formats (asp, graphics, flash animations, audio and video clips, etc.)
  • A quality assurance team performs a final check so that the delivered product meets stringent iLanguage QA standards. Each translation is re-checked and validated by a senior translator or language supervisor, before final delivery to client.

iLanguage has all it takes to respond to the global needs of multinational companies.