Establish a real partnership with customers and suppliers on a Global scale.

Global Syndicate

Localization and dissemination of multilingual editorial content.

Global eBuilt

Multilingual web sites, content management system integration, cultural adaptation, navigation, testing, visual QA.

Case Studies

Learn about how iLanguage solutions are an integral component of companies' globalization initiatives.

Examples of recent projects:

- Various web sites and marketing materials

- Customer satisfaction surveys in 5 european languages and 3 asian languages on behalf of the world's 3rd largest software company. In house CRM language support provided throughout the project.

- Brand recognition surveys for large electronics and luggage manufacturers

- Marketing brochures and newspaper advertising inserts in Spanish and Chinese for large California bank.

Global Marketing

iLanguage works closely with advertising and marketing agencies worldwide in executing strategic
multilingual campaigns on behalf of their international customers. Agency partners include Cimarron Group,
Sharpe Partners, Focus Multimedia, The Phelps Group, Quality Resource Associates, Roper ASW,
and many more. We add value to projects in the following ways:

  • Copywriting of marketing collateral including brochures, magazine inserts, press releases
  • Localization of websites, product catalogues
  • Direct marketing surveys, interviews
  • Custom tailored online marketing initiatives, multilingual search engine promotions

Global CRM

Global CRM services facilitate global communication between international companies and their customers.
Between 25% and 40% of all international email business contact is in a foreign language. If a company
does not have its own staff of in-house translators, an entire week might lapse before pressing
customer service correspondence receives appropriate attention. A late response can mean a
dissatisfied customer, or the loss of a potential customer. iLanguage facilitates seamless
communication to enhance your business relationships:

  • Translation of your most Frequently Asked Questions and service emails on your behalf
  • Conduct customer satisfaction, direct marketing surveys in several languages
  • Handle multilingual customer emails, reply to them on your behalf or forward them to your
    own client services team, and translate any of replies. All within minutes.