Rich Media Content

iLanguage is equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software tools to produce a range of multilingual Rich Media content.

Graphic Localization, Dubbing / Voice Over 24/7 Production:

With production centers in Latin America and North America and production staff in Asia- iLanguage meets customer requirements 24/7, regardless of the time zone.

Capitalize On The Increasing Popularity of Rich Media

Image is everything. Look and feel across multiple languages is a big factor determining the success of your international marketing initiatives. Users react viscerally to how well images are localized.

iLanguage translators are all experienced in working within native environments of desktop publishing tools. Our software programmers and graphic designers have deep experience in localizing products, DTP materials and websites for clients. This expertise allows us to provide end-to-end services to our clients for their marketing and product localization requirements. It minimizes the steps you need to take to prepare your product for the international market.

DTP, Graphic Design (Web and Print)

iLanguage’s diversity of experience and resources provides quality and satisfaction on the most demanding web and graphic projects.

Are the images suitable for the target market?

Are the colors in your copy suitable for the target market?

Are your tools double-byte enabled?

How will “right to left” composition change your layout?
These are a few of the questions that should be answered over the course of fulfilling your desktop publishing needs. iLanguage has the experience and capabilities in house to launch your products internationally, within budget and on target.

Multimedia (subtitling, Flash animations, dubbing)

Native language dubbing experts use an in-house audio recording and editing studio to produce high quality multilingual files.

Transcription Services

iLanguage provides high quality transcription services in english and spanish. Our transcribers are subject matter savvy. Whether your content is IT or medical or legal, iLanguage will handle your project with speed, accuracy and reasonable prices.

We have standard and rush service, both of which are priced very affordably, from $1.50 to 2.50 per minute, depending on the subject matter. Send your tapes to us by fedex. Your final transcript will be sent to you via email in a Microsoft Word document in 2-3 days.